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Webb and Co

Corporate Finance Boardroom Image, Webb & Co.

​Johnny has forged close relationships with a wide number of acquisitive groups and corporate finance boutiques in N.I., R.O.I, and England over the past 20 years. Webb and Co offers the following discreet and bespoke services to existing and new clients;

Management Buy-outs


  • MBO of Highway Barrier Solutions (HBS)


  • MBO of Nitronica


  • MBO of Clive Richardson Group from Haffey & Co.


  • MBO of Roger Bullivant (Ireland) Ltd


  • MBO of Lazer Electrical


  • MBO of Glenaden Shirts from Coated Viyella PLC




  • Corporate and Business Valuations


  • Advising Owners on Selling Their Businesses


  • Advising on Business Acquisitions


  • Sale & Purchase Agreement (SPA) Disputes


  • Expert Determinations

Selected Corporate Finance Transactions that Johnny has advised upon:

  • Advising MBO Teams


  • Financial & Commercial Due Diligence


  • Assistance and Advice Regarding Finance Raising


  • Warranty and Indemnity Claims


  • Completion Account Disputes

Corporate Finance

Business / Company Acquisitions


  • Acquisition of Taranto de Pol by Roger Bullivant Ireland Ltd


  • Acquisition of Clarke Cunningham Tree Maintenance by CRC Group


  • Acquisition of Moy Park by Marfrig


  • Acquisition of Mary B Cremin by Grafton Recruitment


  • Acquisition of CH Binder by Monro Horticulture


  • Acquisition of Growing Success Organics by Monro Horticulture


  • Acquisition of Clydeside Galvanisers by Silverwood Enterprise


  • Acquisition of Goodbody Color Coatings


  • Acquisition of Cadex by March Capital


  • Acquisition of Buchan Concrete by the Roger Bullivant Group from AMEC PLC




Sale of Business / Companies


  • Sale of Dukes Transport to Montgomery Transport


  • Sale of Getty Connections to Marmon Inc.


  • Sale of Founder Shareholder's Interest in Origin Fertility Clinic to 352 Medical Group


  • Sale of Stratex to RBIL


  • Sale of Enterprise Stationery


  • Sale of Connors Fuels to Maxol


  • Sale of Salad Fayre


  • Sale of TH Jordan


  • Sale of Webbs Pharmacy to the Clear Group


  • Sale of Grove Cleaning Services to Resource Group (formerly Maybin Support Services)